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NSE, BSE series – EQ, BE, BL, Z. What do they mean?

You can trade lot of things on the NSE and BSE exchange like stocks, mutual funds, debt and much more, all those things are assigned a series code. The most popular series is the EQ series,  most of the popular companies like Reliance, Infosys etc trade under the EQ series on the NSE exchange.

Let looks at some of the other series which are used on NSE and BSE.

BE – Equity segment but intra day trading is not allowed and BTST trading is not allowed. Trades can be settled only after delivery. If you buy then the shares will come to your demat account.

BL – Block Trading, Order should have more than 500,000 shares. Its used by financial institutions during a separate trading window

BT – Trading shares which are in physical form aka the old share certificates. Trade for Trade Settlement.

BZ – Companies which fail to comply with Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements.

EQ – Equity segment used for normal trading and intra day trading is allowed and BTST is allowed.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 5.16.29 pm

EQ series share price on NSE, this is the price which you see on various websites and on TV.

E1 –  Used for trading partly paid up shares which are issued during Rights Issue. Companies can have different price for shares trading in E1 series.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 5.17.54 pm

E1 series share price on NSE

GB – Gold Bonds

GC – Government securities and Treasury Bills.

N* – Non convertible debt instrument, they are sub divided in to N2 to N8 and NA, ND etc.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 5.44.55 pm
Various N series prices on NSE. You have to click on each and series to get the price of share in that unit.

MF – For Mutual funds listed on the exchanges

SM – Trading for companies which are in Small and Medium Enterprises. The paid up capital of such companies is less than Rs.25 crores.

Z – BSE Only, its used for companies which have failed to comply with its listing requirements.


A product cannot be under 2 series on the same trading day.

BTST – Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow.

There are some other series like XT, Y, IL and others, we might write about them in  second part of this post.